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Why Sportho?

The most frequent question that we receive from patients considering care at Sportho Physical and Aquatic Therapy is "Why should I drive past five other big-box, chain clinics, just to come to Sportho?"

We feel as if that's a fair question, so here is our reply.

  1. Sportho Physical and Aquatic therapy is one of less than one dozen aquatic centers in the entire Chicago area. Chances are, you could drive past 5, 10, even 25 clinics, and never find one with a dedicated, indoor aquatic facility. Except for Sportho.
  2. At our clinic, we make sure that you are always being seen by a licensed physical therapist. That sounds like common sense, but at many franchise therapy locations, you will be seen by a therapist for a portion of your time there, and then an unlicensed professional such as a personal trainer. While a personal trainer may be good in certain situations, there is no one better qualified to manage your physical therapy than a licensed physical therapist.
  3. At many dime-a-dozen therapy clinics with easily recognizable names but poor standards, even if you are always under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist, there is a chance you'll be seen for what is called a 'group' therapy session. The therapist monitors up to five people at once, which means your individual rehabilitation is often not in focus. The kicker? You and your insurance company are billed the same amount, sometimes more, than you would be here at Sportho, even though with us, you would be receiving individual, personalized, one on one care.
  4. When you come to therapy at Sportho, you know your therapist, and your therapist knows you. We are a small business. It's likely that on your first day of therapy here, you'll meet our owner, Dan. We employ four licensed physical therapists, Dan included. In short, we are a family here at Sportho, and when you come to our clinic, we do everything we can to make you feel like a part of it.
  5. We believe that if you do a side by side comparison for yourself between Sportho Physical and Aquatic Therapy versus large-scale, corporate owned clinics, you'll see that coming to our facility will be better for your full rehabilitation, both physically and emotionally. In fact, we're so confident, we invite you to do just that. Come in to Sportho, ask one of our staff to show you around; then do the same at that big-box clinic, and see for yourself, which you prefer.

Sportho thrives and survives on building strong, and lasting relationships with our patients, their doctors, and their families. We've been in business for nearly thirty years because of the trust we've built with our clients during that time. We'd love to have you join us, and we look forward to working with you towards a fast and full recovery.

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