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Our Facility

Sportho Physical and Aquatic Therapy has grown since opening in 1983. Specialized centers have been added to enhance complete rehabilitation and address the specific needs of our patients.



Outdoor Exercise Court

A large, enclosed area for vigorous functional and job/sport related exercise

Manual Therapy Room

The manual therapy room is a spacious private area with comfortable plinths for one-on-one treatment, ASTYM, and other techniques. There is also a traction table for cervical and lumbar injuries. Any hands on approaches to physical therapy are performed in this room.

Physical Conditioning Center

This room employs Stairmaster, treadmills, CYBEX modular, stationary cycles-recumbent and upright, Total Gym, plyometrics. These machines are used for functional strengthening and weight training.

Work Conditioning Center

All tools to facilitate a speedier return to work are located in this center. Physical therapists are able to reproduce or stimulate a work type environment. There are also tools for lifting and overhead work.



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